Wednesday, 29 February 2012

February in Crochet

It has to be be said that February has been a bit of a drab month really! And I've now realised that I've taken very little pictures of the sky. Naughty me, I'll have to work on that next month!

The month started off well - see that clear blue line at the bottom of the picture? That's the 1st - but since then it's been fairly overcast. And obviously we had all that lovely snow.
In the last week or so though it's definitely got a lot more spring like which is definitely a good thing in my book!

So the blanket is coming along very nicely so far and I really enjoy my post-lunch hooky ritual!!!!!

On the home front, I rolled my sleeves up and went through my yarn stash the other day. Boy there was a lot of stuff! I foolishly tackled it one evening when the littlies weren't around to spread it even further, so instead Mr f&f got to see it all spread out and was not too amused! I had a good clear out though: some stuff for charity, some to sell and some to keep. And a bag of projects that just need little tweaks to finish them off. It's also started me off on my first Pretty Crafty Home project as I found i've got quite a few crochet hooks and not really anywhere to keep them

Guess what these are destined to become?!

Hope you've all had a lovely leap-year day,

S x

Todays sky ● overcast

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Ramblings

I hope you've had as lovely a day as us. The weather here has been f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!!!! It was so nice that we decided to head out for a walk round a local lake.

The colours were so bright and fresh, with lots of contrast between the beautiful spring sky and the plants that have yet to grow new leaves. I got a little bit carried away taking photos......



I particularly love the picture of the seed head silhouettes, good inspiration for sewing a picture one day I think

It was also lovely to see Little Girl speeding off on her bike. She only learnt to ride without stabilisers towards the end of last year so hasn't had a lot of time to practise really. Still, she made up for it today....see the little white dot in the picture below? That's her!!!!

After a spot of lunch we headed home and did a bit more tidying in the garden. It's a never ending job, isn't it?

Then this evening I'm planning on a bit of relaxing and a bit of knitting. I'm working on a mara shawl for a friend. It's my first time knitting the pattern and I'm really enjoying it, although I have to say that the next instruction scares me slightly: I have to knit forward/back into every stitch which is going to leave me with over 400 stitches! I'm not the fastest knitter so I reckon that the edge could take as long as the body of the shawl!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, 

S x

Todays sky ● gorgeous blue with some clouds

Friday, 24 February 2012


I can't quite believe how quickly this week has flown by! I've been doing a lot of cleaning and tidying and spend most of last night sorting out stuff to sell - can't wait until it's all out of the house. Which brings me to Revelation Number 1: why is that the more you clean, the more mess and clutter that you see all around you?! It's good to start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully I'll be ready to make some furnishing type things soon :)

I've also been doing my post-lunch hooky on my sky blanket and for the past few days have been weaving in my ends As I Go! This is Revelation Number 2: it's so much easier to do this, takes but a few seconds and makes me feel much prouder in my blanket as I go along. If only I'd discovered this before, my other blankets would probably have been finished finished a lot sooner!!!!

You might see one end poking out half way up the blanket there - it is already woven in (get me!) - this marks the beginning of February and I'm thinking about maybe adding on a button/marker for the beginning of each month. The blanket's starting to get quite long now and I can't help but wonder how big it's going to be at the end of the year. I'm enjoying seeing the colours all come together and seeing the patterns that are starting to emerge, such as how the overcast/rainy days tend to pre/proceed the blue sky with cloudy days.

Here's hoping that the good weather lasts for us all to have a fantastic weekend

Speak soon, 

S x

Todays sky ● blue sky with clouds

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Vintage refashion

I felt all productive last night, and had a touch of finish-itis, which is a good thing given the number of projects I have on the go at any one time!!!!

Do you remember the curtain fabric I was given a little while back? Well, it got washed and cut into cushion sized pieces very quickly, but then it all came to a halt as I didn't have any backing fabric and although very pretty it was also was very thin and really needed a bit of extra thickness.

I finally managed to pick up some backing fabric last week and last night set-to finishing off these cushions so that I can send them down to my friend. They were a very simple - a big square for the front and two generously overlapping rectangles for the back to create an envelope style cushion.

After a quick iron, I stuffed them with a cushion and stood back to consider......

They looked good, but I thought they could maybe do with a little something extra. Umm.

After a quick run to my craft room and a rummage through my button tin and ribbon box I had my supplies and set to making a lace-trim flower with a green button centre. What do you think?

I've still got the other flower to do and I'm really hoping that my friend will like them

The colours turned out to be an almost perfect match, it's always good when that happens! I've still got enough of the fabric left to make another couple of cushions, or maybe even a bag. The possibilities!

S x

Todays sky ● blue with clouds

Monday, 20 February 2012

Fabric & Ponderings

Ohhhhh, I can't believe that nearly a whole week has gone by already! Where did that time go? Oh that's right, half-term, sleep-overs (for the little girl) and a road trip to see friends (and I have to say that going away with three littlies for one night is definitely interesting!)

But here we are, slowly getting back to normal. I've found the time to wash and iron all of the fabrics that were purchased last week.......aren't they pretty?

I'm really excited about them and need to start making some things. I'm thinking a bag, especially for the fabrics in the second photo - I just love the black & white images. And because I went shopping with little girl, I have also promised in exchange for some peaceful shopping to make her a cushion with these fabrics that she chose especially along with some pink pom-pom trimming!

One of the things I've been pondering a lot over the last week is Project Home. Our home is not exactly show-home ready - lots of piles of paper, things not always put back immediately and obviously all the paraphernalia that you have with three young children. Towards the end of last year a start was made on having a bit of a sort out, but then there was Christmas which wasn't too helpful on the minimising front!

Anyway, whilst blog hopping the other week I came across Sandra's fantastic blog and signed up for Pretty Crafty Home (PCH) as it seemed the perfect timing. Mr f&f's first comments were something along the lines of 'How long have you got?'!!!!! Cheeky! Our house isn't that bad, although I think if I got a home report it would probably say 'Could Do Better'!

I'm guessing that everyone has a different ideal for their home, but for me I want to try and work on;

✄ Getting rid of all the stuff that we don't need and be as ruthless as possible - I'm thinking paperwork, toys & clothes (so pretty much no room in the house will be left unturned!), and repurpose/refashion things where I can

✄ Make the house a bit more homely with soft furnishings - I've been meaning for ages to make some blinds, cushions and a cover for my kitchen mixer but still haven't quite got round to it yet

✄ To clean more regularly than I do at the moment - you know how it is, much more fun to read some blogs/sew/knit/crochet,,,,,well, anything rather than actually do cleaning! But I'm thinking a little bit every day will be better than a massive clean every now and then.

Wish me luck - it's going to take me a lot of will-power to get there! And if you've been inspired then please go and check out Sandra's blog - you can find the PCH button on the left of the screen.

Oh, and on a hooky note, do you want to see a sneaky peak of how the sky blanket is coming along? As you can see it's been very overcast in February.....and I've got behind in weaving my ends in again. Ah well, that's tonights job sorted!!!

S x

Todays sky ● overcast

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Crafty, homey days

Ooooh, I have to say that I've felt really spoilt these past few days: lots of time where I've been able to spend time in daylight hours doing crafty things. And doing things for me in daylight hours is a little rare at the moment due to normally having the littlies in tow.

Saturday I managed to indulge in a catch-up with my Click & Clack friends at the Knitting Hut to celebrate it's 6th birthday, which involved a little bit of tea and cake - always a good thing! - and also a couple of yarny purchases which I'll have to show you soon :)

After a bit of lunch it was straight in the kitchen to do a bit of baking to take for a Sunday visit to family.

A lemony sandwich cake from one of my favourite cake books. This started out life as a normal victoria sponge but just as I was at the vanilla adding stage Mr f&f wondered into the kitchen with a muttered 'I thought a lemon cake would be nice?' A quick check for lemons, a bit more flour added and I was off! Once baked and cooled I sandwiched it together with some lemony buttercream and a generous smear of lemon curd.

I did enjoy my slice with a cup of tea. Very tangy!

Yesterday, Little Girl had a friend for a sleep over. I was pondering what to do to try and ensure that They'd Sleep. Always a tricky one! It was too cold, wet and miserable for much outdoor activity. So I decided on a crafty activity. I remember reading about woolly dolls back over the summer holiday and although I was too lazy didn't look it up we had a go and even if it wasn't done properly the kids had a great time. Kept them amused for an hour or so last night, and then another hour or so this morning. I loved how they spent ages deciding on all the tiny details like little cap sleeves for the t-shirts and enjoyed all the snippety-snips of the wool. Once the scissors were finally retired, and everything was tidied up we had a little photo-call. And so I would like to introduce you to Daffodil and Petal!

Aren't they colourful and fun?!

My final indulgence today was a trip to a local fabric shop that has one sale day a year and it was today. There were so many lovely fabrics it was difficult to chose but I managed to make some valentine purchases for myself.

I hope you've all had a lovely day and see you again soon,

S x

Today's sky ● overcast (again!)

If you're interested in making your own woolly doll then I found this tutorial here

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today is mostly about....

...taking a quiet 5 minutes to have a cup of tea and browse a new magazine whilst both little boys had a snooze (these moments are rare and have to be made the most of, you know!)

...whipping up a bowl of watercress soup for lunch from my favourite ever soup book

...adding another line to my sky blanket, a little bit of blue after the recent snowy and cloudy days

...preparing some fabric for a bit of sewing tonight, it's going to be bright and bold I think!

Hope you're all having a fabulous day,


Todays sky ● blue

Friday, 3 February 2012

Knitting night

For me, the first Thursday of each month is knitting night (or Click & Clack as it's otherwise known!) at my local knitting shop run by the lovely Sue

I remember the first time I walked into The Knitting Hut just going 'WOW" at the fab range of wools, some of them a bit different to what I'd seen before as Sue makes a point of getting in some of the more unusual ranges alongside those that you would expect to see. I mean, check out these gorgeous skeins (of Manos I think)!!!!

As we were finishing up at the end of January's session, Sue casually mentioned that it was The Knitting Hut's 6th birthday in February. That felt like quite a big birthday (just ask Little Girl: she can't wait to turn 6!) and one that couldn't go amiss, but what to make?

In the end I went for a reusable notebook cover because I figure that you can never have too many list making options, right?! But to make it that extra bit special I decided to add on some appliqued pictures as reminders of our Click & Clack nights: tea, cake & knitting!

I made a little tweak to my normal design and used a button and elastic closure on the side so that it didn't interfere with the front cover but still kept the pen in place

I'm quite pleased with how it came out in the end, though next time I might make the cake a bit bigger! Must head off to get some more cake samples I think.......!!!!!

I'm thinking of adding these to my shop and could always personalise the words/pictures if anyone's interested . What do you think?

Hope you're not too freezing today? We've got the fire on but it doesn't seem to be making a jot of difference. I picked up a ball of chunky wool last night so I think I might be whipping myself up a warm and cozy hat this weekend!


Todays sky • brilliant blue but brrrrrrrr it's cold!

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