New Year, New Blog!

Ummm. How many of us new blog newbies are there do you think?!

Hi there. I'm Sonia and I hope to write here about life, sewing, knitting, crochet and the general madness of trying to get through each day with three young children!!!

I've got lots of crafty plans for 2012: have a play with the Polymer Clay kit I got for Christmas and make buttons/beads, have a go at sewing some clothes (something I'm a little bit terrified of!) and to find some time to work on all the ideas I've got buzzing around my head.

And as of today I'm starting a years' long project!!! Have any on you heard about the Sky Scarf project? You knit a row a day based on the colour of the sky so that by the end of the year you have a whole cool is that?! Mr f&f obviously thinks I'm a little bit mad but I think it will be a really nice memory of 2012. I was browsing the Ravelry group the other day and some people are adding on beads for rain which I think would look really nice.

The yarn I've picked is a DK by Stylecraft: ivory for snowy/cloudy days, grey for stormy/cloudy days, mottled blue for cool days, sky blue for the bright spring/autumn days and for a bit of colour red for those really hot summer days. Based on normal British summers I'm guessing I'll have quite a lot of that ball left at the end of the year!!!

I've decided though that I'm going to crochet a row a day in Attic24's ripple pattern as I'm hopeful that the soft ripples will add to the idea of the changing weather, and I also think it will be easier to fit in around the littlies.

So, so far in 2012 I'm right on track! I hope your first day of the new year is going well,

See you next time,


Today's sky • Grey

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