I still don't feel like I'm quite back to normal since Christmas so there's been quite a lot of pottering and thinking whilst I settle back into the normal everyday.

As the weathers been so nice I've started to do a bit of clearing in the garden. This makes me sound all organised but in truth our garden is a bit of a tip at the moment. There's only 16months between Little Boy and Littlest Boy so the house and the garden have taken a bit of backseat in the last couple of years.....so we're now trying to catch up. It's been lovely spending some time outside though and the littlies really enjoyed chopping at things, digging up worms and eating mud!

There's lots of things that I want to try out at the moment but I am struggling to find the time or be able to make a decision about what to start with. And there's always something that distracts me from what I'm trying to do...... Tonight 1500 Hama beads were dropped on the floor just after I'd started cooking dinner. You can imagine how far they all rolled! The Littlies tried to help me clear it up but 4 pairs of hands didn't really seem to help that much!

I eventually got back to making dinner (lamb meatballs) and did my normal trick of underestimating how much I was cooking causing even more cleaning up!!!

I'm really enjoying the sky blanket and it's coming along (on the 9th row now - still on schedule!). We've had a couple of days of beautiful sky....

....but the last few days have been overcast. I'm really enjoying taking time to look at the weather and fit in a little bit of crochet everyday, although I'm already behind on weaving in my ends! I am a bit worried though that this project will take my British obsession with the weather to a whole new level!!!!!! Little Girl and I have already started discussing on the way home from school what colour should be added for the day!

Anyway, I really should go. Am going to start work on one of my ideas!

See you next time,

S x

Todays sky • Blue grey

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