Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January in crochet

So today means I'm thirty-one days into my 2012 sky blanket and I've managed to catch up on weaving in some of the ends! I've decided that I really shouldn't leave it 'til the end like I normally do......can you imagine how many ends that would be?!

The year started off in Wales as we'd been visiting some friends and it was pretty gloomy when I took this picture in Monmouth. Isn't this landscape beautiful? I always love our visits to this part of the country.

There were quite a few days of brilliant blue sky at the beginning of January but the last few days have been a bit dreary and we're even being threatened with a bit of snow so I might even get to use a bit of white!

The Stylecraft is working up really nicely and it's going to be a warm blanket when it's done. I'm really loving the cloudy and blue sky with cloud days at the moment as I'm enjoying the variegated yarn

So tomorrow's the beginning of February and I'm wondering whether or not to add a little line, flower, button or something to show the start of a new month. I might put in a little marker just in case I want to add something later. What do you think?

Todays sky • overcast & grey

Monday, 30 January 2012

Baking, Visiting & Crafting

We had a great weekend as we went to see our friends down in Kent who we'd not seen for ages. So that I didn't turn up empty-handed I had a go at making some Chelsea Buns and ooooh! I was quite pleased with how they turned out!

I think that I might add a bit more spicyness next time but they were certainly tasty with a morning coffee!!!

Once we reached our friends, a picnic was packed and we headed to the beach to brave the chilly winds.
It's only my second visit to Whitstable but I do love it there - the little beach huts really capture my imagination and I love all the different personalities

Despite dressing up very warmly it was really windy along the sea front. The sea was crashing onto the beach and although it's noisy I do love the sound of waves, there's just something so relaxing about it. The tide was starting to come in and the Littlies enjoyed playing tag with the sea but somehow thankfully managed to avoid soggy toes

I can tell you we enjoyed a very warming cup of tea once we got back!

Whilst visiting my friend showed me some gorgeous curtains that she didn't think she'd ever get around to using so I've promised her two cushions in exchange for the rest of the fabric, which feels like a very fair deal don't you think? I think it's going to make some lovely cushions

Oh, and I got struck by a crochet idea which I just had to start in the car on our way down......hopefully I'll be able to show you some progress soon!

S x

Today's sky • grey/overcast

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New ideas

As I've not been feeling very well lately, I've had lots of new ideas some of which have been small enough to match my energy levels!!!!

Like lots of sewists (if that's even a word?!) I've got lots of scraps that I just can't bear to throw away. And I was trying to think of something pretty and quick for when you want that quick satisfaction of having made something.

Sooooo, the Flower Button Hairclip was born :)

I'm sure that a lot of you will know how to make a fabric yo-yo but I thought I'd have a go at writing a little tutorial for you anyway!

The fabric yo-yo is made from a circle about 6cm wide (this gives a yo-yo of about 3cm). I cut a rough square of fabric and then folded my circle and fabric into quarters before cutting around my template. Sorry for the middle picture, I've now realised that using white paper on white fabric was not the best idea!!!

Do you wanna see what happens when you're trying to take photos with Littlest Boy around........

Then sew a running stitch near the edge - the closer the stitches the more pleats you will get and then gently pull the thread until it's all gathered up

Then added a little button in the middle to make it all pretty

It took me a couple of tries before I was happy with the attachment to the hairclip.....first off I just tried attaching the flower to the clip with a hot glue-gun but (with a reasonable tug) it came apart  and I wasn't sure that it would stand too much wear and tear from Little Girl. So next I used a nail file ('cos that's what I had close to hand, I'm sure sandpaper would also do the trick!!!) to roughen up the hairclip at the end and a little down each side so that the glue had something to stick to.

I then applied glue and stuck the two together. I used a hot glue gun on one and Gutterman Textile Glue (HT2) on the other, and both felt pretty strong.

And voila - a pretty little hairclips that took just a few minutes to make.

I think they'd be great in party bags or a quick last minute gift. I'm already thinking of all the different versions I could make maybe with a crochet flower :)


Todays sky • overcast,  mixed blue

Monday, 23 January 2012

Last week was mostly about.....

...being crafty and playing with the kids
...starting some dressmaking projects, with my little helper!

...watching a man lop a massive tree in our neighbours garden - can you see him hidden in the picture? Wow, it was impressive! The little ones really enjoyed watching him


...and marvelling at how much more light there is!

...feeling a bit poorly and taking so many pills that I'm fairly sure I rattled walking around!!!

Thankfully am feeling a lot better this week and have started taking photos of notebooks that I've got ready for my shop

Hope you've all had a good week x

Todays sky • blue/grey

Sunday, 15 January 2012

24hr holiday

It's been a lovely weekend. Mr f&f had arranged for us to have a night away - our first in 3 years. Boy was I looking forward to some time together and a bit of chilling out!

We spent the afternoon in Ware, Hertfordshire which is where we got married a few years ago now.

We took a walk along the River Lee Navigation taking in the beautiful scenery and peacefulness. Mr f&f had even managed to arrange the most glorious weather - beautiful clear blue sky, frosty verges and that nip in the air which gives you rosy cheeks.

It's been a fantastic 24hrs away and I'm feeling renewed and looking forward to posting about some new projects soon.

I hope you've all been enjoying this perfect weekend too x

Today's sky • blue!

Monday, 9 January 2012


I still don't feel like I'm quite back to normal since Christmas so there's been quite a lot of pottering and thinking whilst I settle back into the normal everyday.

As the weathers been so nice I've started to do a bit of clearing in the garden. This makes me sound all organised but in truth our garden is a bit of a tip at the moment. There's only 16months between Little Boy and Littlest Boy so the house and the garden have taken a bit of backseat in the last couple of years.....so we're now trying to catch up. It's been lovely spending some time outside though and the littlies really enjoyed chopping at things, digging up worms and eating mud!

There's lots of things that I want to try out at the moment but I am struggling to find the time or be able to make a decision about what to start with. And there's always something that distracts me from what I'm trying to do...... Tonight 1500 Hama beads were dropped on the floor just after I'd started cooking dinner. You can imagine how far they all rolled! The Littlies tried to help me clear it up but 4 pairs of hands didn't really seem to help that much!

I eventually got back to making dinner (lamb meatballs) and did my normal trick of underestimating how much I was cooking causing even more cleaning up!!!

I'm really enjoying the sky blanket and it's coming along (on the 9th row now - still on schedule!). We've had a couple of days of beautiful sky....

....but the last few days have been overcast. I'm really enjoying taking time to look at the weather and fit in a little bit of crochet everyday, although I'm already behind on weaving in my ends! I am a bit worried though that this project will take my British obsession with the weather to a whole new level!!!!!! Little Girl and I have already started discussing on the way home from school what colour should be added for the day!

Anyway, I really should go. Am going to start work on one of my ideas!

See you next time,

S x

Todays sky • Blue grey

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

I have a confession.....

You know how some people are really good at reading instructions and then following them properly? Well, I'm not one of them. I tend to see them as more, well guidelines I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I do read things through (although I admit it's sometimes more of a skim) and I think about them a lot. The problem is I just can't resist little tweaks and often they don't always turn out as good as I imagined or I end up causing myself way more work. The truth is that I should probably have just followed the instructions properly in the first place!!!

The sky scarf has been a great example: I didn't to a tension square (too impatient) and after doing a couple of rows I started to get just a little worried about just how long the scarf would be....although I know there's 365 days in a year I just hadn't really thought about how long a 365 row scarf would be (around 11ft based on the rows I did - now I'm slightly above average height at 5'6" but I'm thinking that even then it would be slightly excessive?!)

So today I did a bit of unravelling, a bit of thinking and I've got a new plan. A sky blanket! I've even done a bit of maths and a drawing!!!!!

I'm going to do four mini blankets and then join them all together with the colour for the last day of the year. I've started off with a base chain of 101 and at 90rows long I reckon it's gonna be a sizeable blanket.....am already looking forward to snuggling under it. Have got a couple of different ideas for joining them together so will see how it goes and how I feel when it's time to join them together.

Did any of you spy the pretty little tin in the picture? I popped into Boots today and they're in the sale half-price.....I didn't really need the biscuits that were in the tin (cranberry and orange - very tasty though!) but I just had to have that tin. Soooo pretty! Not sure what I'm going to put in it yet but it will look very pretty on my unit whilst I think about it,

Thanks for popping by x

Today's sky • Blue Grey - blimey there's been a lot of wind and rain!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year, New Blog!

Ummm. How many of us new blog newbies are there do you think?!

Hi there. I'm Sonia and I hope to write here about life, sewing, knitting, crochet and the general madness of trying to get through each day with three young children!!!

I've got lots of crafty plans for 2012: have a play with the Polymer Clay kit I got for Christmas and make buttons/beads, have a go at sewing some clothes (something I'm a little bit terrified of!) and to find some time to work on all the ideas I've got buzzing around my head.

And as of today I'm starting a years' long project!!! Have any on you heard about the Sky Scarf project? You knit a row a day based on the colour of the sky so that by the end of the year you have a whole scarf.....how cool is that?! Mr f&f obviously thinks I'm a little bit mad but I think it will be a really nice memory of 2012. I was browsing the Ravelry group the other day and some people are adding on beads for rain which I think would look really nice.

The yarn I've picked is a DK by Stylecraft: ivory for snowy/cloudy days, grey for stormy/cloudy days, mottled blue for cool days, sky blue for the bright spring/autumn days and for a bit of colour red for those really hot summer days. Based on normal British summers I'm guessing I'll have quite a lot of that ball left at the end of the year!!!

I've decided though that I'm going to crochet a row a day in Attic24's ripple pattern as I'm hopeful that the soft ripples will add to the idea of the changing weather, and I also think it will be easier to fit in around the littlies.

So, so far in 2012 I'm right on track! I hope your first day of the new year is going well,

See you next time,


Today's sky • Grey

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